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Got a cat or two? This Corner Groomer Cat Brush is the Perfect present for your beloved feline companion. Cats are simply obsessed with it!

This kitty galore must-have is one of today’s bestselling pet supplies. The reason behind is that it acts in more ways than one. Get your cat one or two of these and see what fellow cat lovers are raving about.

If your kitty cat is constantly bothering you for a rub or massage, this one’s the perfect solution for you! Cats can be overly clingy at times, but try this out with catnip insert and see what happens. 

Cats won’t be able to resist this Corner Groomer Cat Brush! This is perfect for cat lovers and cats alike. Your feline friend will love it… and so will you! (wink)


  • An effortless groomer made just for kitties! Finally!
  • Removes and collects loose kitty fur.
  • Helps stimulate the cat’s senses, keeping them happy and occupied.
  • Helps cats relieve itching.
  • Acts as a massage comb, too!
  • Gives your cat their much-needed comfort and rubbing at any time of the day.
  • Comes with catnip seeds! Insert it into the product and watch your cat going gaga over it.
  • Insert catnip to help repel indoor shade parasites.
  • Easy to Mount with Durable Build — Simply mount it to any corner!
  • Hassle-free on your part and fun for the kitties!


  • Material: Plastic / Catnip Seeds (Infused)
  • Size: Approx. 3cm x 9cm / 5.12” x 3.54”
  • Available Colors: Black / Gray / Turquoise / Blue / Pink / Golden / Burgundy / Green / Sky Blue

Package Includes:

  • 1 pc. Corner Groomer Cat Brush

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


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Cat Comb

pet products for cats

cat grooming tools

Cats Brush

cat supplies

Cat Massage Comb

Package included

1 X Pet Comb

177 reviews for Corner Groomer Cat Brush

  1. A***v

    доставка очень долгая, срок защиты закончился, продавец сам продлил его на 40 дней, но в итоге все-таки пришло. упакован в простой пакет. кот сходит с ума от пакетика травы в комплекте. пытается не чесаться об неё,а грызет. думаю на долго ее не хватит, этот паразит очень зубастый

  2. N***a

    Очень крутая штука! Посылка шла больше месяца. В комплекте все есть для того чтобы закрепить щётку, так же есть кошачья мята (кошка в восторге) чтобы приучить. Очень удобна в использовании, так как раздаривается, саму щетку можно снять с крепления и почистить.

  3. A***s

    Заказ оформлен 05.08.18 на мою почту в Саратове пришёл 23.10.18. Трек не отслеживался.

  4. V***k

    Доставка конечно тягомотная, почти два месяца. Сама штука прикольная. В комплекте четыре кусочка скотча двустороннего и винты для крепления к стене, ну и кошачья мята. Кошка и без мяты чухается)). Рекомендую.

  5. A***h

    очень жесткая. Точнее пластмасс ожидала прорезиненную.

  6. N***a

    Funny thing. Cat got mad of grass. Ran to the location. Hope to be used for other purposes.

  7. A***v

    Massager for cats reached 58 days, all in the description. Looks good, attached bag catnip. Cat liked it. Recommend

  8. G***l

    Goods come fast safe store sposibo

  9. R***a

    Do not understand what to put some grass. Who can tell? There are double sided tape and small shurupchiki.

  10. V***n

    Super thing. Of course went for a long time. Complete and screws and Velcro. AND even paketek with Cat mint. Which is not thought to attach. THE stool the insulating tape temporarily. But red face assessed.

  11. R***a

    Ordered the purchases. Package is not fast. But like all reached) in a set all for fastening and catnip for animal.

  12. Customer

    Not interested. She did безразлична. TO most complaints. All with high quality, well. Even had a bag of valerian.

  13. E***a

    Cat loved it. But the delivery time

  14. E***a

    Product corresponds to the description. Thank you very much.

  15. Customer

    I had to wait two months for delivery – the store changed the status with no explanation

  16. E***n

    My cat does not respond to catnip. Maybe it’s not mint.?

  17. O***a

    The Order does not come, store returned the money.

  18. L***l

    Super cool brush! My order was shipped immediately & received within 3 weeks! Everything was exactly as described & as shown! I highly recommend this store & this corner brush! Thank you! =)

  19. A***v

    все дошло целое и не вредимое ,правда чуть больше месяца .Кошке нравится)

  20. I***a

    Отличная чесалка, моему коту нравится. Сделана хорошо. Крепкая. Разбирается, легко можно почистить. В комплекте идут кусочки двухстороннего скотча и винтики. Можно приклеить или прикрутить к стенке. Ещё к чесалке прилагается пакетик с кошачьей мятой. Для того, чтобы было легче приучить к ней кота. Считаю, что это очень полезная вещь для тех, у кого есть кошки.

  21. A***a

    Cat happy. Very long 2.5 months

  22. Customer

    The order was sound. the description of all at once. this second comb for second cat first cat she learned it brushing. thank you to advise buyer.

  23. O***a


  24. Customer


  25. A***r

    great quality easy to put up i

  26. A***l

    OK. Nepoymu only as missed package with grass through customs: D

  27. A***u

    Going for a long time

  28. M***v

    Probably котярам suitable

  29. E***a

    Just a great thing. Take a second time and just two, a further and friend ordered. Cat happy! Recommend!

  30. G***a

    Прикольная чесалка. Кошки правда ещё не поняли, что с ней делать. Но уже обнюхали и даже погрызли. В комплекте шли шурупчики и кошачья мята. Рекомендую.

  31. T***a

    Hackle is not bad, but for a long time was by (((((

  32. V***n

    Harsh plastic cat quickly lost interest

  33. S***a

    Look at me very much. Left strengthen and show Cats.

  34. C***a

    Расческа качественная. Цвет, как заказывала. В комплекте винтики, липкая лента и мешочек с мятой. Заказом довольна.

  35. D***n

    Shipping on Russia for long, and everything is ok!)

  36. T***r

    A good thing, but the cat did care… Even attached catnip not возымела Effect

  37. S***o

    Excellent brush! Only маленькаяПродавец always in touch! Recommend

  38. M***a

    заказала 3сент получила 10ноября….долго… кот не особо заинтересовался…в комплекте пачетик с травой какой то ( похоже на кошачью мяту)посыпала этой травой щетку, кот понюхал понюхал и отошел…наверно у меня не правильный кот…сама щеточка хорошая, пришла целая

  39. A***a

    Шло более двух месяцев, кошке сразу из пакета понравилось, начала играть и тереться. Но быстро забросила. В комплекте саморезы и скотч

  40. P***v


  41. V***a

    от травки коты дуреют, но как только приделали к углу, интерес пропал. не понравился.

  42. L***a

    заказала 4 сентября, получила 9 ноября. продавец сам продлевал защиту. чесалка пришла целая, без повреждений. цвет как и заказывала, в пакетике лежали двусторонний скотч и кошачья мята. у меня кот и кошка. кот первым облюбовал чесалку. теперь хочу ещё одну заказать, для кошечки. продавцу огромное спасибо! заказом я очень довольна.

  43. E***a

    Шла долго. Продавец отзывчивый, продлевал защиту. Заказом довольна. Рекомендую товар и продавца.

  44. A***h

    Коты пока ее игнорят.

  45. H***a

    шло очень долго, если кому не принципиально, заказывайте. в комплекте болтики для крепежа (не понадобились) и крепкий двухсторонний скотч-подушка + пакетик с кошачьей мятой. кошка в восторге, теперь не отлипает от уголка)

  46. A***a

    Хороший, качественный товар.Шло больше месяца. В комплекте пакетик кошачьей мяты. Правда кот не заинтересовался.

  47. T***i

    Thank you very much

  48. A***v

    В дороге 1,5 месяца до Челябинской области. Качество нормальное, брать можно. Упаковка – обычный пакет. Спасибо PS: котику очень нравиться 🙂

  49. V***v

    A great thing, liked the cat)

  50. S***a

    Cat very much)

  51. I***o

    Good goods

  52. V***a

    Cat like

  53. G***v

    Cat approved, long gone, but came.

  54. V***j

    Very cool thing, cat happy especially from grass which need to pour into the comb.

  55. A***a

    Delivery very fast, kotenka rubs))

  56. A***v


  57. Customer

    The package arrived incredibly fast! My cat loves it!

  58. O***a

    Good thing, cats are happy

  59. K***o

    Very long-more than 2 months

  60. A***A

    Cat did not like mint smell.

  61. N***a

    Order with another to make it cheaper, eventually sent long, was long, has not reached, A dispute, money back

  62. D***o

    Goods come back the money

  63. Customer

    About six weeks delivery. Cat drags on))). But so respond not all cats, with friends indifferent, for example.

  64. Customer

    My cats are going to love this thing!

  65. D***t

    Package came, all is well.

  66. V***v

    Ну очень долгая доставка, 77 дней, за это снимаю одну звезду, советую продавцу сменить доставщика. Товар соответствует описанию.

  67. L***t


  68. D***v

    Cat did not like. Useless thing

  69. Customer

    Thank You Very Much!

  70. V***m

    Fixed Plate and brush snaps over the top but trailers can be only the wood surface

  71. O***k

    Пришло в Германию за 24 дня. все как на фото. упаковано хорошо. как коты попробуют дополню отзыв. Спасибо. рекомендую

  72. T***o

    14.09 оплатила и 21.11 только получила чесалку для кошки . Уже и спор открыла – не надеялась получить но вот , пришла чесалка – прикольная штука – рекомендую

  73. M***a

    Continuity, look like a cat will respond.

  74. E***n

    Just as described. Would do business again.

  75. T***a

    Good product, per month.

  76. N***a

    Order Time did not come. Sent at once. Lost. Sorry. But the money immediately. Thank You Very Much.

  77. I***a

    As the picture, in addition to a bag some grass, apparently to attract. But not appreciated or weed or the device.

  78. K***r

    Arrived hackle certainly not fast, but the whole piece, the package was a bag of a dried grass, can to attract cat to чесалке?! Not understand, but fluff like crazy itchy, he likes!

  79. E***a

    Cat when hunting трётся

  80. A***v

    Just like in the description. Recommend.

  81. T***a

    Lovely hackle Koshkin cheeks! Mint removed, but, still, one cat атаковал scratcher and didn’t give a second to)

  82. G***z

    The brushes are cool.

  83. H***r


  84. A***v


  85. O***n

    Waiting For 2 months, but still wait, had no hope. A set of screws, double sided tape, bag with grass))) in general all is fine, if not long service!

  86. G***k

    29.09-28. 11. Good Quality. hackle not big

  87. M***a

    For a long time delivery. 3.09 ordered received 25.11.

  88. K***a

    Cats are not appreciated, they came once

  89. A***v

    вот что пришло! деньги вернули.

  90. A***v

    ничего не пришло! деньги вернули

  91. Customer

    Cat to mint

  92. T***v


  93. A***v

    соответствует описанию. с пакетиком кошачьей травы.

  94. Y***a

    моим котам не понравилось, они её игнорируют

  95. E***t

    Product smaller than what j’avais imagined but conforms to expectations

  96. N***o

    It’s cool, cats are happy

  97. K***a

    Goods arrived. Seller is responsible and appropriate. Refund in full is OK. Forward.

  98. D***v

    Pugs are plastic. Not silicone. In the pure form of a cat, this toy is not interesting. Rubs only because of mint (yes! Mint really works. Three legs of the chair and the effect will be the same). But there is nothing to blame the store.

  99. V***v

    Order did not come

  100. V***l

    The parcel went two months but came. The store is sociable.

  101. Y***I

    all ok

  102. M***s

    Everything went well. The cat is delighted

  103. A***h

    It was 2,5 months before peter. you can attach only to an angle of not more than 90 degrees. The cat was the first thing to gnaw her frantically and play, to lose desire she did not arise.

  104. E***a

    The goods did not come. The store returned the money.

  105. O***k

    The product is excellent, that’s only the delivery of 2,5 months to the rostov region.

  106. S***a

    The cat is happy.

  107. A***a

    Went sooo long. Cats at first showed interest, but after a while interest lost and rarely fit to get lost

  108. R***n

    Good product

  109. O***x

    Sticks well. Inside is a bag of cat’s mint. My cat is purple! Does not use ….

  110. D***a

    The parcel went for a very long time, covered the dispute, after opening the dispute the parcel came literally in 5 days

  111. S***S

    Delivery to mo 2 and a half months

  112. M***t

    Fast shipping 🙂

  113. A***a

    Delivery is terribly doooogaya .. Ordered in january, came only in april

  114. Customer

    Shipping 3 weeks Strong plastic In the case did not experience

  115. O***a

    Cat does not leave)) privolnaya thing

  116. A***v

    Everything is fine! Thank you!

  117. K***n

    To moscow the parcel was 3 months old. Corresponds to the description

  118. T***o

    The cat likes it. But the kapets went as long as 3 months and 2 weeks.

  119. D***v

    Cool thing. The cat immediately began to scratch)))) stuck with tape (comes in the kit) to the edge of the curbstone, while holding.

  120. V***d

    The product did not come. Waited from the end of january. That was winter. The cat asked for the street. It’s already 24 degrees of heat. Now why do i need this comb? And lost probably on the road. Sellers ask to cancel disputes and give pey pela. And people write that so stores deceive. And no one sees money. So i decided to wait for the return from aliexpress. And he’s doing what he’s doing. In the chat writes that your bank does not consent to a refund. Isn’t it funny? Can’t the bank agree? Stupid. Everybody translate.

  121. N***o

    The goods came. Thank you.

  122. T***a

    Came with a bag of cat mint, let’s see

  123. M***m

    Nice garlic. Later i will add a review

  124. G***a

    I order a second time, everyone is happy, i recommend!

  125. G***a

    Tough for sphinxes

  126. Customer

    The shopping was very fast. 19 days for Brazil. Thanks store.

  127. P***V

    My kitten really liked it. I came with gift catnip, thank you

  128. Customer

    Cats get used to

  129. N***a

    Ordered 10.03, received 08.05. No damage. It is not clear where to put mint, like on the sidewalls there are holes, but it falls out of there. The cat treated neutral, the cat tried to chew a couple of times and that’s all.

  130. K***a

    The order did not reach, the money was returned, the track was not tracked

  131. S***a

    As in the picture! Cat did not show interest! Where to sprinkle the grass is not clear!

  132. I***a

    Good chesalka, the store put the cat mint) thanks) the cat was interested, then used to it, but it’s already a cat problem)

  133. C***a

    Sorry, the video can not be attached-my cats are delighted! True, the fasteners are very small, i had to use my bolts, but this is a trifle. Very good thing for your money

  134. P***a

    Everything is great, koteyka is happy)

  135. J***g


  136. Customer

    The parcel went a little over two months, but the expectation was worth it. Even before they installed the comb, the cats immediately slapped it. And when installed, very long did not leave. It was a concern that after the first time they will lose interest, but no, with pleasure fit. Comes with a bag of mint (which did not have to use), 4 velcro and cloves for installation. Wonderful thing, thank you 🙂

  137. I***A

    The product is fire, attached to the wall on the tape (3 m in the kit), the cat is delighted!

  138. P***v

    Put in a bag of cat’s mint. From this hike, this chesalka and the cat now constantly sits and sniffs)))

  139. E***a

    Thank you very much. The order took a long time, the store is responsive. Good thing.

  140. V***V

    Delivered almost 3,5 months

  141. A***a

    Came for 2 months. I order the second one. One cat is indifferent to her, with the second baldeet. Apparently to whom as. In the set a bag with grass for cats.

  142. D***o

    The goods are good. The store is good!

  143. K***a

    Nice garlic. In the grooves on the sides falls asleep cat mint-the cat does not leave. And it rubs. Sides to comb now do not need)))

  144. Customer

    The goods did not come. The money was returned.

  145. Customer

    Delivery two months. The cat is not particularly interested in her, even if you pour valerian into it. Let’s see, maybe get used to it.

  146. G***m

    Order probably walked, 4 months

  147. P***a

    Ok. Thank you.

  148. M***a

    Chesalka is excellent, the delivery is long.

  149. L***a

    Maybe good thing, but my cat doesn´t like it.

  150. F***s

    It comes with a catnip boil i love it

  151. T***a

    It was almost 2 months, russia was not tracked at all. Cat happy

  152. D***a

    The cat is happy, still not attached, and she already smells about it)

  153. J***j

    Corresponds to the description. True cats are not interested in this item, full of ignor.

  154. T***a

    Russia is not tracked. Everything is super! Thanks to the store.

  155. F***s

    I wanted a light green color and it was dark green

  156. M***a

    good product

  157. N***a

    As described and a bag of something for a cat

  158. J***a

    It came in a flash (it was that fast), and omg, my CAT just LOVE this. I’m so happy I chose this store with this product. They gave everything!

  159. E***n

    Super fast delivery, less than 2 weeks to moscow))) thank you very much) pitomitsa is delighted!!! i will order more)

  160. M***a

    The parcel did not come, the money was returned

  161. B***s

    In the kit like cat mint, for the cat is terribly ready to rub the holes

  162. S***y

    My cats are obsessed with this. Obsessed

  163. V***a

    Small screws for twisting are attached to the garlic, there is a double-sided tape and a bonus bag with cat’s mint))))) looks good. Small size.

  164. O***o

    The goods did not receive, the store returned the money, so i do not remove the stars.

  165. J***u

    The cat does not even look at it

  166. A***o

    All good

  167. Y***a

    Cool thing. My cat liked it.

  168. V***o

    The goods did not receive. The money was returned.

  169. M***h

    Did not receive the order ((

  170. S***M

    Very long delivery-to moscow.. more than 100 days. The track was only tracked to the border with russia. The kit includes a brush, adhesive tape and self-tapping screws for fastening and a bag with powder, probably, cat mint. The cat did not react to mint, but she liked chesalka even in an unfixed form.

  171. E***s

    Quick and serious

  172. V***e

    The goods did not receive. The store returned the money.

  173. E***a

    Very good, my cat loves it.

  174. E***e

    IT is all good, not damaged with catnip

  175. S***a

    In belgorod region the parcel was 2,5 months old. Normal brush. Stuck on double tape. The kit also included screws and cat mint.

  176. A***a

    What you need

  177. Customer

    good++++++++++++++++ fast

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